Indiana Kendo Seminar Info

Join us to Learn Japanese Swordsmanship

Kendo Seminar upon a request of many Hoosiers

Here is what you learn:

Seminar I

Aim: Learn etiquette and manner, basic movements.

  • Etiquette and manner
  • How to treat the sword (including how to carry, draw and put the sword away)
  • Footwork (4 basic footwork)
  • How to swing the sword
  • Solo Movements: Introducing Basics movements (if time is allowed)
  • Bokuto Kihon Ho (if time is allowed)

Seminar II

Aim: Coordinate and Make your Movements Smooth

  • Review and Polish up Techniques from Seminar I
  • More of Solo Movements: Introducing Basics movements
  • More of Bokuto Kihon Ho
  • Complicated Movements (naname buri/sayu men with hiraki-ashi, haya suburi)

Seminar III

Aim: Polishing Up Your Techniques and Learn the King of the Basics

  • Review and Polish up Techniques from Seminar I and II
  • Kirikaeshi Uchikata and Ukekata

Seminar III looks like there is not much to do but you need to be checked so you do the right things in the right ways.

Here is the golden formula that I want you to remember.

Golden Formula to Improve Quickly

  • Learn the Right Things,
  • Practice the Right Things,
  • Learn the Right Things Again

On top of those seminars, because I do not want you to forget what you learn at the seminars…

Ready to Learn Now?

Place: Mudokwan, 8230 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Date and Time: Saturdays from 1:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M (Actual Date Will Be Determined)
Equipment: No need. Just come with the clothes you can comfortably exercise. Jeans are not recommend.

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