Total Swordsmanship


Learn kendo and iaido

Kendo is known as the way of the sword. In kendo we use a bamboo sword called, shinai. And practitioners put on a set of armor called, bogu. It is a full contact martial arts.

Iaido is known as the way of drawing the sword. While kendo is a full contact martial arts, iaido consists of a series of forms. Thus, it does not require a partner to train.

Learning both arts at the same time, you can complete the samurai swordsmanship ideally. But this is not all.

Truly Understand the Samurai Swordsmanship

Many “practice” kendo and/or iaido but not many study the samurai philosophy and teachings  at the same time. You can learn all the movements right but without learning the philosophy and teachings, you are not really learning the true samurai swordsmanship.

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