What is gotokukan?

Gotokukan Imafuji Dojo was named by one of my senseis, Miyazaki sensei. According to him, Gotoku (five virtues) of the samurai class are:

gotoku chi, five virtues chi, (chi): wise, wisdom, wise man
gotoku shin, five virtues shin (shin): honest, trust,
gotoku jin, five virtues jin (jin): love, thoughtful, sympathetic,
gotoku yu,five virtues yu (yu): brave, courage, no fear,
gotoku gen, five virtues gen (gen): strict, stern, severe.

Confucianism defines gotoku as

gotoku on, five virtues on (on): kind, warm, peaceful
gotoku ryo,five virtues ryo (ryo): good, excellent, preferable,
gotoku kyo, five virtues kyo, (kyo): humble, respectful,
gotoku ken, five virtues ken (ken): modest, humble, thrifty
gotoku jyo, five virtues jyo (jyo): giving someone something, passing over something to someone, humbly
respect and step down, (this is hard to explain but basically “humble”).

Miyazaki sensei wants us to keep our dojo as a place where we learn these virtues through the principle of the sword.

“Gotoku is also a thing with 3 or 4 legs where people place kettles and pots and so on. So this name also has the meaning that this dojo is supported by all the members and hopefully the community as well.”

The name carries these deep meanings and thoughts.